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"all around great experience treated well from questions about new unit to trade of old will be back for future needs top notch sales to service "dennis collins | Mapleton Depot, PA | ★★★★★
"I have to say Unlimited Cycle is the best bar none. My son and I just got home (4pm) from our second sales experience. The first was last year at this time. The trip, some 240 miles one way was well worth it. The salesman, Joey, was professional and courteous and made me feel like a human and not just a number. If there are any more purchases in the future Unlimited Cycle will be our first and only stop. The FZ09 is definitely a wolf in sheeps clothing. Thanks again Joey."David Selneck | Milford, PA | ★★★★★
"me and my wife recently purchased a side by side at unlimited cycle we have always got parts there we got there 20 minutes before closing time to trade in a 4 wheeler the owner ask people to stay late to help our transaction go smoothly and nothing had even been approved or agreed on at this time after the deal was done we realized it would not fit on our trailer and again the owner ask if he could help in any way we had friends close with the right size trailer they even offered to stay while we waited for it to get there I felt bad causing for causing all this drama and would like to say thanks for the way we were treated "mike @ jerilyn apple | glasgow, PA | ★★★★★
Emre Karabulak | State College, PA | ★★★★★
"Big shout out to Joe and all those who worked Thursday evening. I arrived at 6 pm and was sitting in my Slingshot heading home by 630. Joe was great to work with and went out of his way to obtain financing at a great rate. Looking forward to visiting the dealership for service and accessories for the Slingshot "Thomas Barber | Punxsutawney, PA | ★★★★★
"We were treated really well, I love my Yamaha I bought there and I would recommend you guys to anyone."Jennifer Buchan | State College, PA | ★★★★★